Industrial Designer - New York City
BROC 'N' ROLL  - a soft friendly broccoli-shaped nose work toy for dogs alone at home.
Hide a few treats in the broccoli for your dog to hunt through scent. Nose work is an
exhausting activity that can relieve stress, anxiety, and improve problem solving skills.
Available in sizes large, medium, and small.
TWO-GO - together wherever with your best friend, Two-Go!
A dog west with a sleeve specially designed for your arm to wrap around you dog snuggly.
Travel easily and comfortable by hugging your dog to your chest. The secure hug not only
gives stability but also creates an intimate relationship with your dog friend.
FLASH NIGHT - a plush cactus designed to relieve stress and ensure comfort for aging dogs.
Classical music, known to have a therapeutic and calming effect on dogs, is played from the inner speakers
of the cactus during the day.  When it gets dark, the cactus lights up and provides ambient light.